"So looking over his son’s small head,

he peoples the world with ghosts."

Cracks (print only, PDF)


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"the crumbs on the plate already still and separate,

like thrown confetti."

Confetti (print only, PDF)


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"This is the lesson I took from my Lord:

To love what you were born to lose."

Sonnet for the Mother Mary


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"his tongue is thick with that dying smell,

the first taste of that old dark thing."

All Ready


"He was just lighter one day, less there:

damp, with the moldy-wet smell of leaves;

like old furniture sun-fading,

his coat floats dust."

To Uncle Snack


"Beneath the shifting swimming pool light,

breath blossoms on your lips and expires,

empty, wet on the walls."

Green Tent in Spring: Monterey, California (print only, PDF)


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"A teddy bear is too full of meaning

to pour more meaning into"

Sixth Grade Rock Collection

The Equalizer