Hot Dish 12 and an Abandoned Hostess Factory

We just celebrated our 12th Hot Dish with a mimosa brunch for more than 100 people last Sunday at 826LA, featuring readings by Zoe Ruiz, Sara Benincasa, Thomas Moore, Cari Lynn, Eric Stolze, and Erin Hickey.  And we were joined by the folks from Book Bound Mobile Library, too.


Gillian and Maureen came, too!

The Mobile Library

Elina Shatkin serving up Scooby-Doo-shaped pancakes

Thank you to Brooke Healy for getting all these wonderful photos!

Last weekend I also did a reading in an abandoned Hostess factory (well, okay, I guess it was just vacated, not abandoned, but that sounds more dramatic).  Curator Martina Dolejsova selected six works of art and architecture and assigned each to a different writer to write a 500-word story inspired by the artwork.  It was incredibly fun to write and to read.

Gillian standing on an old factory scale

Thank you, Martina, for organizing this wonderful event!