Hot Dish

On Wednesday night I did a reading at the Echo Park Film Center with fellow writers and friends J. Ryan Stradal, Stacey Vanek Smith, Jonas Oppenheim, Margaret Wappler, and John Salcido.

"Hot Dish" was the first in a series of readings hatched up by J. Ryan and me. In keeping with the title, we served 4 different casseroles. Yes, casseroles, on the hottest night of the year.

Here's the story I read.

Here's the adorable program I designed (with Dev's help).

Our illustrious readers were L.A. Times contributors, NPR reporters, television producers, and award-winning playwrights! Also, me.

Together we learned about misanthropic cuddling, doggy detectives, curated grocery lists, mind-expanding Craigslist ads, self-help seminars, and parakeet reincarnation.

I didn't bring a camera but videos and photos are floating around online, I'll post one soon.

And if you missed it, fear not! I'll be reading again next month.

I also have two new columns next week and a new short story being published September 1 by Emprise Review.