Happy Chinese New Year!

Tonight is New Year's Eve in Shanghai and the view from our windows is amazing. It's 10pm and the entire night sky is lit as bright as afternoon. Fireworks have been set off all over the city continuously now for more than four hours with no signs of slowing down. The streets are littered with firecracker debris smoldering on the sidewalks, and the air is roaring.

Update: I spoke too soon. It's now 12:11am, and I can see now that the fireworks that started this afternoon were only a prelude to the midnight show. I can only compare it to watching a dozen Fourth of July fireworks shows simultaneously, some only a few hundred feet away and others all the way across town, all running non-stop for hours. This video taken from our balcony (without using zoom) doesn't begin to do it justice, but it does give you a sense, at least.