Happy Thanksgiving, one and all!
With November 23rd come and gone, we have now officially entered into the snack corridor, a month-long festival of snacks that runs right along until Christmas. Towards that end, Dev and I spent much of last weekend looking for cranberry sauce in Shanghai - and after many hours searching in the rain, we did indeed find three remaining cans on the shelf of a Lianhua supermarket.

More good news - not only is the weather cool, comfortable, and mosquito-free (we do have bedbugs, but that's another matter), but my company recently hired a geomancer to analyze our new office space and found that I am sitting in the very best spot in the whole building. Feng shui, cranberry sauce, it's a great month.

In other news, Hannah Kaye, one of the most talented people I know, has a website at last.

I plan on updating this site tonight with new music reviews and other things, stay tuned.