This is why I love reading the newspaper here.

First, "There is still no release date for 'Chinese Heroes,' a government-backed online game.

Begun in September 2005, the patriotic Internet game showcases 100 national heroes in the hope of infusing young gamers with traditional Chinese values, such as altruism and patriotism. The heroes all have cute cartoon images.

'Five heroes have been developed, but we have not yet decided the launch date,' said Zhuge Hui, a spokesman for Shanda, a major Shanghai gaming company which the government has tasked with developing the new game.

The first group of heroes includes Zheng Chenggong (1624-1662), a Qing Dynasty general who liberated Taiwan from the Dutch, and Lei Feng (1940-1962), a faithful CPC member and a national example of altruism.

Shan Hui, chief designer of the game, said the heroes gather on 'Hero Square,' where gamers can click their statues to learn about their experiences and carry out tasks like moving bricks and catching raindrops on a building site. Gamers will be asked about the heroes' life stories to earn scores."

Italics mine. To summarize, the Chinese government is trying to instill patriotism in its youth with a new video game featuring key Party members carrying bricks and gathering water.

In other news, the city is planning a Celebrating Sweden Week, featuring a presentation on "Treasured Moments in Sino-Swedish Relations."