From an IM with Gillian:

Gillian: Oh fuck, I cyber-humiliated myself.
I can never show my face in cyberspace again
me: What did you do?

[Gillian explains]

me: The cybershame!
Will you send another email to clarify?
gillian: I'll send a few
me: Each more ridiculous than the last
and more mortifying
gillian: I'm so good at that kind of thing
me: That's your special gift
gillian: Is that a job skill, do you think?
If I were funny, it could be my schtick
me: you are funny
just sad-funny
like a sneezing cat

[Later, I tell an inspirational story]

gillian: Well that is certainly cool
I don't see myself really lucking into anything
me: God, what a bleak thing to say
gillian: But seriously, do you see me as the type of person who lucks into a high-paying job or travels the world?
I'm more of the lower working class, lives in a cramped apt and has a crappy job type
me: One could argue for positive thinking in this circumstance
I am often lucky
gillian: I'm just waitin' to die
me: Could you get that into 8 characters for a vanity plate?