Our friend Andy just set off from Shanghai after a four-day visit on the way to Beijing as part of his round the world (twice) tour. He took some great photos of Shanghai which I will soon add to my own Flickr site, tagged as "andy."

In the spirit of these photos, I present a list of photos I wish I had taken:
  • A man bicycling while pulling a 9x9x9 foot cube of styrofoam;
  • A dog pelt vendor selling a row of furs on a bamboo stand, each so complete that you could still easily guess the breed;
  • Six women lined up in a row on the sidewalk, washing their hair in plastic buckets in perfect unison, their hair one sudsy black curtain;
  • And today, a domestic duck standing perfectly still in the middle of a warm, dirty rain in the middle of a ramshackle apartment complex garden in the middle of a dense, urban section of the city.

I absolutely must start carrying a camera at all times.