"So You'd Like To Be a Book Reviewer"

Content-sensitive ads offered by Google after "reading" my daily Gmail:

1. "So You'd Like To Be a Book Reviewer" (appropriate, but vaguely taunting)
2. Bitter Apple Spray (too easy)
3. O'Malley Biscuit Joiner
4. Discount Leotards
5. Kwanzaa Recipes
6. "Get Rid of the Problem - Not the Cat"
7. "Burning Man: Preparation"
8. "$300/Hr in Minneapolis?"
9. Twelfth Night Cliff Notes
10. Stuffed penguins
11. "Fear No Man: Discover What The Martial Artists And The Army Don't Want You To Know"
13. "Caring for the Angry Child"
14. Bully Prevention Techniques
15. Discount Poly Containers